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About Starobinets + one short story:

Anna Starobinets / The Morning News


About “Catlantis” (in children’s books reviews):

Best Christmas books for children / Telegraph

Older children reviews – animal magic / The Guardian


More about “Catlantis”:

Catlantis / Pushkin Press


Starobinets’ books for kids: how it is in Russia

Russian censors target children's books that break the mould / The Guardian


“You are delightfully fat”: “Beastly Crime Chronicles” by Anna Starobinets

Non-fiction: the story of a loss

Cruel to herself and the reader: «Look at him» by Anna Starobinets


Press in spanish


“Pagina-2” TV program (atmospheric video-interview in the abandoned psychiatric clinic):

Página 2 - Anna Starobinets  /


About Starobinets’ books («From Russia with horror»):

Anna Starobinets, desde Rusia con terror / Libros Prohibidos


About “An Awkward Age”:

Anna Starobinets: Una edad difícil / Libros Prohibidos


About “Refuge 3/9”:

Anna Starobinets: Refugio 3/9 / Libros Prohibidos


About “The Living”:

Anna Starobinets: El Vivo / Libros Prohibidos


About “The Icarus Gland”:

Anna Starobinets: La glándula de Ícaro / Libros Prohibidos


Press in french


About “An Awkward Age”:

Je suis la reine / Mirobole Éditions

Je suis la Reine - Anna STAROBINETS / nooSFere


Press in italien


About “The Living”:

Presentazione e Recensione Libro: Zero di Anna Starobinec [Casa Editrice Atmosphere Libri] / conparole


From russian press


About “The Beasty Crime Chronicles”:


About “The Land of Good Girls”:


About “Look at him”:





About “An Awkward Age”:


Starobinets’ interview in “Rolling Stone” magazine:


Interview in “Izvestiya”:


Interview in the “Darker” magazine


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