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Press in english

An interview with Anna Starobinets about her book "Look at him" (published in English in 2020)

“I felt that it was my social mission”: an Interview with Anna Starobinets


The BBC audio documentary about Anna Starobinets writting the new book for «Beastly Crime» series. About Badger and Badgercat, about love, fate and Moscow.

In the Studio - Anna Starobinets


About Starobinets + one short story:

Anna Starobinets / The Morning News


About “Catlantis” (in children’s books reviews):

Best Christmas books for children / Telegraph


Older children reviews – animal magic / The Guardian


More about “Catlantis”:

Catlantis / Pushkin Press


Starobinets’ books for kids: how it is in Russia

Russian censors target children's books that break the mould / The Guardian

“You are delightfully fat”: “Beastly Crime Chronicles” by Anna Starobinets


Non-fiction: the story of a loss

Cruel to herself and the reader: «Look at him» by Anna Starobinets


Press in spanish

“Pagina-2” TV program (atmospheric video-interview in the abandoned psychiatric clinic):

Página 2 - Anna Starobinets  / RTVE.es


About Starobinets’ books («From Russia with horror»):

Anna Starobinets, desde Rusia con terror / Libros Prohibidos


About “An Awkward Age”:

Anna Starobinets: Una edad difícil / Libros Prohibidos


About “Refuge 3/9”:

Anna Starobinets: Refugio 3/9 / Libros Prohibidos


About “The Living”:

Anna Starobinets: El Vivo / Libros Prohibidos


About “The Icarus Gland”:

Anna Starobinets: La glándula de Ícaro / Libros Prohibidos


Press in french

About “An Awkward Age”:

Je suis la reine / Mirobole Éditions

Je suis la Reine - Anna STAROBINETS / nooSFere


Press in italien

About “The Living”:

Presentazione e Recensione Libro: Zero di Anna Starobinec [Casa Editrice Atmosphere Libri] / conparole


From russian press

About “The Beasty Crime Chronicles”:





About “The Land of Good Girls”:


About “Look at him”:

1. meduza.io

2. meduza.io

3. meduza.io


About “An Awkward Age”:



Starobinets’ interview in “Rolling Stone” magazine:


Interview in “Izvestiya”:


Interview in the “Darker” magazine



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