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1. “The Book of Masters” ( 2009) – film for children, scriptwriter.

Walt Disney Russia

Книга мастеров


2.      «The Land of Good Kids» (2013), film for children based on Anna Starobinets’ book “The Land of Good Girls”, scriptwriter.

«Novye Lyudy» production.

Страна хороших деточек

The song of good girls:


The song of oblivion:


3. Documentary TV-series “Tolstoys”, episode “Osterman-Tolstoy” (2013) – scriptwriter.

TV-channel “Culture”

Документальный ТВ сериал «Толстые»   Документальный ТВ сериал «Толстые»   Документальный ТВ сериал «Толстые»


4. “Green Pastures/ Parasite”, 2017 – theatre production directed by Julia Aug based on Anna Starobinets’ stories.

Repertoire of Novosibirsky theatre «The Old House», participant of the theatre festival in Saint-Petersburg  «Point of Access»; shortlisted for the program «Mask+» in Moscow (2018).


Злачные пажити / Паразит   Злачные пажити / Паразит   Злачные пажити / Паразит


5. “The Fox Ford” (the script is written but the movie is not made) – ТМ-series/ mystical eastern/ thriller, 20 episodes – scriptwriter together with Alexander Garross.

EMG-films production.


6.      Now working at: detectiveв/ thriller/ noir, TV-series, 8 episodes – scriptwriter.

(more detailed information may not be disclosed due to the contract conditions)


7.      “The Beast” – horror film; author of the story.

SOK and Dub Lab companies coproduction, going to be released in 2018.


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