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Educational game «Literary detective: interactive fantasy»

Educational game «Literary detective: interactive fantasy»

Start / Cretive workshop / Educational game «Literary detective: interactive fantasy»

Age of players – 12-15 years old or adults 16+

Number of players per team (group) – from 8 to 12. The game is played in 5 rounds, each round is a group lesson with duration of 1,5-2 hours. The rules of the game are created following the strict literature canon, usual for detective genre, due to which any detective story may be presented as a general scheme with typical set of characters and their functions, typical order of narrative parts, moves etc.

Plan of the game

NB. “Storyteller” has a right to interrupt the detective story and make 3 changes during each round.

Formal outcome of the game

1 text page after each round from each player; all the players have a full fantasy story made of fragments after 5 rounds.

Meaning of the game

Introduction into storyline and composition, internal story structure, development of characters, literary language, etc. in exciting form of the game.

Teaser of «Literary mafia»

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