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Start / Awards

1. Winner of Russian Detective Story Prize in nomination «Best Detective Story for Children» for “A Beasly Crimes Book” - 2020

2. Finalist of the National Bestseller Prize (Russia) for “Look at him”, 2018

3. Winner of EuroCon-2018: European Science Fiction Society (ESFS) award in nomination «Best Author».

4.  “Catlantis” by Anna Starobiets - an Observer and Telegraph Book of the Year for Children (Great Britain), 2017

5. Winner of the Ozon Award (Russia) in nomination “Readers’ choice” for the non-fiction novel “Look at him”, 2017

Лауреат премии Озон

6. Winner of the Imaginales book festival in Epinal (France) for the novel “Refuge 3/9”, 2017

7. Shortlisted for Une Autre Terre (France) for “The Living”, 2016

8. Winner of the Utopiales European Prize (France) for “The Living”, 2016

Фестиваль фантастики «Утопиаль» (Франция)

9. Finalist of the Prix Masterton (France) for the “An Awkward Age”, 2014

10. Winner of the National Bestseller Prize (Russia) in nomination “The Start” for the “Icarus Gland”, 2014

Премии «Нацбест. Начало»

11. Finalist of the National Bestseller Prize (Russia) for the novel “The Living”, 2012

Премия «Национальный бестселлер» 2012

12. Shortlisted for the Premio Ignotus for the best foreign story, Spain, 2012

Premio Ignotus (Spain)

13. Winner of the International Assembly of Sci-fi “The Portal” (Ukraine) for the novel “The Living”, 2012

Премия фантастики «Портал» (Украина)

14. Winner of the Premio Nocte (Spain) for the best foreign story (“The Awkward Age”), 2012

Премия Nocte   Premio Nocte Award (Spain)



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